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First time in Japan!
Global HR Conference in Tokyo 

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Nov.8 (Wed) ~ Nov. 10 (Fri) 2023

1st Global HR Conference in Japan held in 2023 was sucessfully concluded with over 500 participants.  
We express our sincere gratutude to everyone who joined us.  
Thank you for your participation.

2nd Global HR Conference in Japan will be held from November 6th to 8th, 2024


For details click here
For sponsorship and inquiries regarding participation, please contact the Human Resources Accreditation Institute (HRAI) Business office at


Fumie-2 copy.jpeg

Fumie Hanazono

Chair of

Executive Board

Human Resource Accreditation Institute



Angus MacGregor

Head of Global Human Resources,

MUFG Bank, Ltd.

International CHRO,

Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings

Co., Ltd.

Vice Chair of ACCJ Women

in Business Committee


Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.


President & CEO


スクリーンショット 2022-12-10 23.06_edited.jpg

Hirofumi Ryu

Member of the House of Representatives


Yaeko Sagawa

Founder & CEO



Marieta Arabadjieva


Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

VIP Guests

Victor Osumi FSs 05182021.jpg

Victor Osumi

Managing Director & President Japan

Delta Air Lines, Inc.


Sarah Bader

Managing Director

Gensler Japan

Richard Lyle.jpg

Richard Lyle

President of the British Chamber of Commerce

in Japan

Achal-Pic (1).jpg

Achal Khanna


SHRM India

Asia Pacific・MENA

HRAI SNS投稿.png

Mitsuko Ishii

Member of the House of Councillors


Gilbert Camasura, FPM, MBA

CEO, PM Consulting
SHRM International Partner

in the Philippines
Highly Respected Top30

PH Leaders on LinkedIn

スクリーンショット 2022-12-10 23.06_edited.jpg

Akie Abe

Member of Executive Board, HRAI




HPOC Logo jpg.jpg

Human Resource managers play a critical role in achieving an organization’s vision for the future.

I am sure this Global HR summit will help you learn and implement key success factors for creating a better workplace.

Sakura Golf, well known for its "Mission as a Pioneer," is a pioneer in the golf membership industry. Since starting my own business at age 26, I have been blazing a trail, and this year marks the 53rd anniversary. I sincerely agree with the purpose of the Global HR Conference held for the first time in Japan. I hope it will empower more women to play an active role.          ~Yaeko Sagawa~

MUFG is a global company with many businesses and talents both in and outside Japan. MUFG senior management highly value the Human Resource business partnering role in its approach to active talent management to drive its success in all markets.

It's great to have a global HR conference in Japan.  It's an opportunity to share modern HR practices and hopefully excite and ignite the HR leaders of tomorrow's businesses.



HR is Awesome!

Why are HR education and qualifications important? This is because we are keenly aware that HR requires professional expertise. 

Unfortunately, in my experience, I have not encountered HR professionals with HR expertise. I've known for a long time that HR qualifications are essential for HR professionals in the United States. If there is no HR qualification in Japan, make it for Japan, I started my action in 2019. And if there is an organization in the U.S. that already provides world-class HR training and qualifications, let’s work it together. After constant negotiations with SHRM for over 2 years, SHRM and I agreed to develop SHRM ESSENTIALS in the Human Resources program in Japanese and to provide SHRM credentials in Japan.  HRAI (Human Resource Accreditation Institute) has been providing SHRM ESSENTIALS in the Human Resources program and SHRM credentials in Japan since January 2021.

In 2023, I will be pleased to host the first global HR conference in Japan, “23 Global HR Conference in Tokyo,” and have SHRM as the knowledge partner. I welcome everyone involved in management agendas, including management strategy, Human capital strategy, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I), to this memorable first Global HR Conference in Japan.

Knowledge partner



​Information about the overview and purpose of the event.

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